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Can Java Moss Grow Out Of Water?

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Java moss is a favorite of aquarium hobbyists, beloved for its ability to tolerate a number of different substrates and environments. This moss makes a perfect living carpet for planted tanks, will grow on nearly any object, and is almost impervious to harm.

Sounds like the perfect plant, right? The only thing that could make this wonder-moss better is if it could grow in other places than fish tanks and other aquariums. So, can Java moss grow out of water?

Yes! Java moss can absolutely grow out of water and keeps all of its lovely green color and hardy attributes both above and underwater. 

Like any other plant, Java moss, both above and beneath water, has a few specific environmental factors that can both improve and impede growth. Read on to find out about how best to grow Java moss out of water. 

Does Java Moss Grow On Land?

After having Java moss as part of their aquarium environments, anyone can see the draw of this quick-growing plant. Lucky for us, Java moss can tolerate both terrestrial and aquatic environments!

Java moss can grow on land, but it has to be kept constantly moist.

Moss is a type of plant known as a nonvascular plant. Unlike their cousins, vascular plants, non-vascular plants lack the vascular structures that transport water from the roots to the rest of the plant.

Because of the lack of a vascular system, Java moss, as well as most other mosses, must be kept constantly moist.

It’s for this reason that we don’t see Java moss growing in dry, rocky areas far away from water. Without water, Java moss will quickly die.

If Java moss is being grown on land in a terrestrial setting instead of an aquatic one, it is at risk of drying out much quicker. To avoid this, only keep Java moss in humid, tropical terrariums and have a mist bottle on hand to re-wet your moss whenever necessary. 

Can Java Moss Grow Without Soil?

Java moss can absolutely grow without soil, making it an incredibly adaptable plant.

When we think of plants, we think of potting soil and the soil demands of our plants. With Java moss, there’s no need to worry about soil anymore! Java moss requires no soil at all to grow. 

Java moss does well on rocky aquatic surfaces, sand, gravel, and all different substrates. This moss will grow and climb on anything, so if you’re placing some in an aquarium or terrarium, make sure you’re alright with your Java fern creeping wherever it would like to go.

That doesn’t mean that Java moss won’t grow in soil. One of the many substrates Java moss will take to is soil, but soil is not required for healthy Java moss. 

Can Java Moss Live Without Water?

Java moss can grow out of water, but it can never grow without water. Without constant access to water, Java moss will ultimately die off.

Being a nonvascular plant, Java moss must be grown in places that are in or very close to water. For most moss to thrive, it needs to be damp most, if not all, of the time.

Can Java Moss Grow Floating?

Floating aquarium plants provide hiding places for fish and shrimp fry, as well as soaking up toxic nitrates that can harm aquarium dwellers. Since Java moss can do so many other wonderful things for your fish tank, can it also grow as a floating plant?

Yes! Java moss can be grown as a free-floating plant, and is especially loved by bubble-nesting fish such as bettas and gouramis. 

In order to keep your Java moss successful as a growing plant, make sure you have adequate lighting and fertilizers in your tank.

How Long Can Java Moss Survive Without Water?

Now that we know that Java moss needs water to survive, how long can it go without it?

Java moss can go 3-5 days without water, as long as it is thoroughly moistened as soon as possible afterward.

Unfortunately, even though the plant can survive a few days without water, it’s likely to wilt and become brown. Give your Java moss time to bounce back after a long period without water, and don’t be surprised to see a significant amount of die-off.

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