Is Flourish Excel Safe for Shrimp?

Is Flourish Excel Safe for Shrimp?

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Flourish Excel is a carbon dioxide source that promotes plant growth in your tank. While this type of substance can be useful in a variety of situations, it absolutely must be handled with caution to avoid injuring marine life.

Is Flourish Excel safe for shrimp, though?

This is a question that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. Depending on how you use it, it can be either harmless or hazardous to shrimp. If administered correctly, it is both safe and beneficial to shrimp. Although the maker of Flourish Excel states that it can be added to your tank at any time, it’s recommended that you apply it to your tank as soon as the aquarium lights turn on.

Plants use Flourish Excel during photosynthesis. When light and nutrients are present, plants photosynthesize. During this process, the plants will collect the carbon dioxide through their leaves and release oxygen, which is beneficial to the shrimp in the tank.

To keep your shrimp and the rest of your tank safe, however, you will need to understand how to utilize Flourish Excel.

Flourish Excel

Flourish Excel is a biological organic carbon source—and all plants require a carbon source. The conventional CO2 system cannot be replaced with Flourish Excel though. It can, however, be quite effective in helping to grow aquarium and tank plants if used correctly.

An aquarium is continually in a state of fragile equilibrium. It can occasionally cause headaches trying to guarantee that all of the marine life present can safely coexist or to test whether certain solutions or treatments used are safe for every lifeform you’re raising.

Flourish Excel is a great way to provide your tank with part of the environment it needs to grow. It’s crucial to be aware of the risks, but if you’re cautious and sensible, you can grow healthy plants without compromising your shrimps’ health.

Flourish Excel for Shrimp

Flourish Excel performs two crucial functions for shrimp: it is the supply of carbon dioxide for the plants in the tank that keep them alive; and it also inhibits algae development and production, which is quite beneficial to them. The carbon dioxide produced by Flourish Excel is used by plants to release oxygen into the tank, which is then consumed by the shrimp. The availability of oxygen for your shrimp is thereby ensured by a sufficient supply of Flourish Excel.

How to use Flourish Excel

For about 24 hours, Flourish Excel will dissolve in water. This time limit, however, indicates that it will no longer be effective after that 24-hour period has passed. Flourish Excel is commonly used every other day or three times each week by most individuals.

This, although it sounds reasonable, is not a very good concept though. The best benefits are seemingly acquired by using Flourish Excel on a daily basis.

If you only use it every other day, this can cause black beard algae to bloom in your tank. This species of algae thrives in tanks with varying carbon dioxide levels. As a result, it is strongly advised to use Flourish Excel on a daily basis to avoid any BBA outbreaks.

What are the Benefits of Using Flourish Excel?

Plants require carbon to survive, and this is what Flourish Excel provides. The substance is a liquid CO2 that helps your plants and shrimp live longer. Flourish Excel enables plants to create the appropriate molecules needed for them to thrive in their environment.

Flourish Excel is perfect for prolonging the life of your aquarium plants and keeping them healthy. However, it is not a replacement for the traditional CO2 system, although it can be very helpful. The disadvantage of using this substance is that it may have an impact on the rest of the aquarium as well.

Because plants only consume this solution during photosynthesis, it’s preferable to use it after the lights have been switched on. This will allow the plant to begin utilizing the solution as soon as feasibly possible while reducing any potential risks.

Additionally, when using Flourish Excel, you’ll need to know the size of your tank as well as any other details like how much plant life you have, how much light you have, and which other fertilizers you’re using.

Related Questions

What are the things to think about when using Flourish Excel?

There are a few things to bear in mind when using Flourish Excel:

  • The total amount of water in your tank
  • Plants, their types, and their quantities
  • Aquarium/tank lighting
  • Fertilization of plants

What is the optimal amount of Flourish Excel to use?

When adding Flourish Excel to your aquarium, always follow the package’s directions. On a daily basis, you should add  5 ml (a capful) Flourish Excel per 200 liters (50 US gallons) of water, according to those directions. You can use up to 40 liters (11 gallons) of water volume with 5 ml Flourish Excel after changing the water.

Is it possible for Flourish Excel to kill algae?

Flourish Excel’s main ingredient (Glutaraldehyde) is used as a pesticide in agriculture and to disinfect and sterilize heat-sensitive materials. Flourish Excel can kill algae, but if used in large enough quantities, it can also kill shrimp.

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