Can Hermit Crabs Climb Glass?

Can Hermit Crabs Climb Glass?

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A staple for any beachside souvenir shop, hermit crabs are more than just a fun reminder of a vacation. In the aquarium hobby, they make colorful additions to any tank and will scavenge uneaten food and eat pesky algae, keeping the tank clean.

There are two types of hermit crabs: aquatic and terrestrial. One thing that both of these hermits crabs share in common, though, is their love of climbing. But how good at climbing are hermit crabs? Can hermit crabs climb glass?

Hermit crabs can’t climb smooth, clean glass, but glass covered in algae and shorter glass tanks can be climbed by adventurous hermit crabs.

Owning a hermit crab can be a fun, rewarding experience, but in order to do so, you need to know the ideal habit for them and supply an enclosure they can’t climb out of. Read on to discover all about hermit crab glass climbing abilities! 

Can Hermit Crabs Climb Out of Glass Tanks?

Hermit crabs love to climb, and when provided with a stimulating, climbable environment, they are at their happiest. Unfortunately, even the happiest hermit crab may try to escape their enclosure or aquarium once in a while.

Hermit crabs can’t climb out of clean, tall glass enclosures, but if there is algae growing on the glass or the wall is short enough, the hermit crabs will be able to climb it. 

Glass tanks are usually sufficient to hold hermit crabs, because of their slick, hard walls not leaving any place for the crab to grab on to and climb.

These walls only become an issue when they are covered in a substance that allows the hermit crab to grab onto, or the walls are short enough for the crab to grab onto the sealant or the edge of the tank and climb out.   

Can Hermit Crabs Live In a Glass Tank?

Yes, glass tanks are ideal homes for both aquatic and terrestrial hermit crabs.

With aquatic hermit crabs, it’s a good idea to leave a few inches between the top of the glass and the waterline. This way, the hermit crab can’t reach the lip of the tank from the water and climb out. 

No matter what your tank is made out of, you have to have a lid for a hermit crab tank! There’s always the slim chance that your hermit crab will be able to make it to the top of the tank, and the lid will prevent any escapes. 

Can Hermit Crabs Climb Walls?

Yes and no. Hermit crabs can climb walls that are porous or rugged enough to provide claw holds for the hermit crabs, but they can’t climb smooth surfaces like glass or plastic.

If you want to deter your hermit crab from climbing, invest in smooth material to build your enclosure with.

Can Hermit Crabs Climb Plastic?

Hermit crabs cannot climb smooth surfaces, but if the plastic is scratched or damaged, the hermit crab may be able to climb it.

Hermit crabs use their claws to climb, and if there are no places for the hermit crab to fit their claws into, it will be impossible for them to climb the plastic. Avoided chipped or scratched plastic if building an enclosure from it, but use glass is possible. 

Related Questions 

Can Hermit Crabs Climb Out Of Fish Tanks?

Hermit crabs can climb out of fish tanks if there is anything for them to grab onto. They cannot climb out of smooth glass fish tanks.

What do hermit crabs eat?

Hermit crabs are scavengers, and will eat anything from discarded fish food to algae growing on plants. Anything that hits the ground is fair game for hermit crabs. 

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